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Oh Money! | August 7, 2010


Oh money!

The best friend to all; the most wanted, the most pursue!

The legend; which has the greatest fans? We all are your fans!

Alas! The kings of this world bow to you.

Oh money!

The greatest of all gods that ever lived; your congregation is ever-increasing!

Your enemies…….. NO! You have none!

Oh money!

The necessity to life, the giver of hope; Daily we human savor in you; the familiar evil, always ever wanted;

Oh money!

The hypnotize who hypnotized even the saint; the misleader who mislead the strong in hearts;

The shaker who shakes the unshakable; the deceiver who deceive even the pious;

Oh money!

You signify diverse things to people of the universe;

Names have been given to you:

Hope for all! Source of all evil! Machinery to life necessity!

Tools to achievements! Reason for waking up daily!

Oh money!

To some, you are: The great encampment; the last resort; the greatest ruler of the universe;

Oh money!

Your hands are stained! Some have killed for you! Some have been killed because of you! Your hands are stained money!

Oh money!

Do I hear you talk? Alas! Money has a language! I can hear you cry!

You are saying:           here I am keep me! – Savings!

Here I am use me! ­­­­– Investments!

Here I am control me! – Investments!

Here I am send me in motion! – Investments! – Control!

“If you do all these for me, then you can control and rule me!

Oh money!

Now I can hear you! Now I will listen to you!

I have taken the steering from you money!  I am in control now! I will control you money!

Till we meet again; I remain your fondly


Go be who you want to be;

Go impact your world



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