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At The Funeral Home | August 10, 2010

At the funeral home!

Oh the funeral home!

So many things happen at the funeral home before I went into the funeral home.

Oh the funeral home!

Now standing aloof in a white garment I see life differently; not at the funeral home, but in the funeral home

Oh the funeral home!

Where am I? I can see familiar faces, I am smiling at them but they are not smiling back

Why is everyone crying? Oh what happen again? Is someone dead?

Even if someone just died, I should be administering the funeral!

Hello! Hello? Can anyone hear me? See me?

What is my family doing here? My wife, my two sons and their families, my only daughter wailing.

Oh the funeral home!

There and then it hit me!

I am in the funeral home! Not at the funeral home as usual.

Oh the funeral home! How I remember the funeral home.

To me the funeral home is synonymous to life, love, family and all that I was.

I was conceived in the funeral home, start my life at the funeral, met my love at the funeral home, bring to life my offspring at the funeral home, meet my friends at the funeral home.

Oh the funeral home!

The ritual that is being perform for me now, is what I do, I do it with utmost perfection

Now I am the recipient, and I can’t console my family; even when it seems like the only thing I should do for them

Oh the funeral home!

Now I know how it feels; now I believe in life after death.

Oh the funeral home!

I want to touch my wife; even for the last time, I want to tell her that when I say ‘ditto’ – I mean I love you more than life.

I want to console my baby girl, darling you will forever be Daddy’s little girl

I want to tell my two sons how proud I am; that they actually choose a different path from mine.

Oh the funeral home!

What am I feeling? Fulfillment? Happiness? Sadness?

Sincerely I am fulfilled and happy; because from where I am all I can see are my good time at the funeral home.

Oh the funeral home!

What a mystery you are!

I have been there and done that

And it was a life to live.

Oh the funeral home!

If you ever want to be at the funeral home;

Remember one day you will be at the funeral home

Anyway; one day we all will be at the funeral home.

The funeral home; what a world you are.

Till we meet again,

I remain yours as always


Go be who you want to be!

Go impact your world!



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