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Search Within | August 17, 2010


literally I mean the questions we seek answers for; are always within us.

Most often in life we search for what we have, i.e. what is within?

There are steps to success; as there are steps to everything in life.

Most often than ever we want to avoid the rudimentary of our being; which is the vital part of our life. This is what make us; or will make us as the case may be. Permit me to say here, that there are certain aspects of our life that are more spiritual than physical. This means we need to take a step back, relax and think. Most often they are what we know and avoid, they are what seems not powerful enough to take us to our glory land. But alas! They are the prerequisite to all we will ever achieve.

Coming to life and getting to where we are have certain steps, rules and principles.

Let take human growth as an example.

A child is born, will be nurture for. The evidence of growth starts by crawling. After a while the child tries to stand; he does this by holding onto something. At the initial stage he falls, but he keeps trying, and never quit. Eventually the child stands; by standing the child start walking though not smooth at the onset; but with continual effort, the child start walking fine.

Note the highlighted words. Same stages and steps human growth and developments take is the same stage that we need to take to grow and achieve our goals in any endeavor we find ourselves. Remember when a child falls; he keeps trying to Stand he never stops there. Hence; our failure shouldn’t stop us from pressing further.

The falling stage is the learning time (crawling) which will have some trials and tribulations time (falling – mistakes); this is the time that will determine how far we want to go in life; (holding onto something – faith) because how we take and handles our falling will (continual effort focus/ passion) will determine how far we are going.(walking tall – fulfillments)

The falling stage should be the time of self discovery for us. Not everybody should be job seeker; for some of us are job creator, this fact can only come to realization if we search within.

Some want to be a banker; but naturally are writers all we have to show is bulk of unpublished work wasting away. Some want to work in a prestigious multinational firm, but they are creative designers! We all can’t be in the white-collar sectors.

The growth of any country or organisation lies in the effectiveness of it citizens/ employee. This is the only way out. We can’t be effective if we work for money, for there won’t be fulfilment and where there is no zeal to work there wont be initiatives to do so. You will only give your best to what you are passionate about.

Within we will see ideas, lying to waste! Let search within!

We need more thinkers, more writer, more motivational speakers, more designers! More of everything we can do. The era of known great men in these field are going, we need young blood, young business administrators, and more mathematicians! Nobody will better ours lots; if we are not ready to lift a bone, all is required of us is a little effort. We have to search within and take responsibilities for ourselves

Search Within; know what your purpose in life is. It a seed, sow it, it will germinate and you will definitely harvest. As you are sowing this great seeds; you are impacting lives, which will bring growth to you as an individual and to your country in return.

Till we meet again,

I remain yours fondly

Go impact your world


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