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Oh Lagos! My Lagos…..

November 3, 2010
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Oh Lagos! My Lagos.
Lagos my origin, Lagos my home; Lagos land of my Ancestors!
Lagos I beseech you; Lagos I call thee.
Lagos my beloved.
I am your daughter, I am your crusader, I am your beloved and above all Lagos I am your mother!

Oh my Lagos! Land of my Ancestors! I beckon u! I call upon thee; yes! I your daughter!
When the rest of the world couldn’t accept me, even from conception u took me in, u accept me.
U welcome me to your aquatic grandeur and ambiance;
Oh my Lagos how glad I am and how favoured I was!
Oh Lagos land of my Birth! My Lagos; Land of my ancestors

Oh Lagos!
Lagos my home, I love thee as u has loved me,
I feel your pain, and I share your sorrow.
Oh Lagos how sad I become when I witness your gradual torture; from the infidel who only want to take from u and refuse to give back,
Oh Lagos! My Lagos; U never asked; but it won’t kill them if they care for u; in honor to all you’ve given them
Oh Lagos; My Lagos,
Lagos my home, my palace.
Oh Lagos u mean all to me. I live in your beauty;
I sleep in your serenity
I grow in; in your diverse wisdom
Oh Lagos, my wealth u gave to me. Lagos the city of excellence!
I call on thee: Lagos Lagos Lagos
I have it all in you.
Splendour, serenity, opportunity, intellect, technology, happiness peace.
Oh Lagos My home – L’home

Oh Lagos! My Lagos
is rest assured for:
I will forever be your crusader!
I will tell d world who u really are!
I will show the world who u meant to be
I will show d world that u can be
I will show the world what u birth
Oh Lagos my Lagos……….
U are beautiful – have they seen your aquatic splendour
U are peaceful – no wonder; people with diverse tongue live with u
U are strong – no wonder u are indomitable!
U are an ever-growing eye opener – no wonder they wait on u for new direction
U are trend setter! – Fair maiden can’t abode anywhere else but with u!
Oh Lagos! My Lagos………………
Who else can be like u?
Take what you have taken?
Oh Lagos! My Lagos
I name thee – ‘Mother Nature’

Oh Lagos My Lagos,
as nature takes turn to care for d ones who once care for them….
you’ve birth me; care for me……..

Now I will care for u!
I will be a mother to u
Love u as a good mother love her seeds.

Oh Lagos! My Lagos; my baby……
Weep no more for your light as come
Your children have risen to care for u,
To be to be what you’ve been to them,
To do more and better,
As I lay my head down now, I lie to wake again to a newer Lagos
A Lagos of my dream
A Lagos that once been
A Lagos that will always be
A Lagos that will wax stronger as d day rise
A Lagos that will know no sorrow
A Lagos that will be a home of peace, growth and joy;

An Ideal Lagos My Ideal Lagos.

Oh Lagos! My Lagos

Go impact your world

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