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Search Within

August 17, 2010
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Search within is thought about is a didactic write up, at times in life we search and seek for things that we have already. we seek for love even when it is right in front of us; we seek for happiness from what seems like it but not it. we leave what rightly belong to us and pursue futility. this piece of art we surely change your perspective to life and all. Saphemerald



August 3, 2010
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The-Y-factor – this is a bit insight into what i called the known factor of human existence, we have heard and know the X-factor, now get an insightful knowledge of the Y -factor- the YOU or KNOWN Factor. happy reading

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HI, I am Abiola Olowolagba by name and I am penned as "saphemerald." I am an avid writer, writing is everything to me - it's life, food and companion. I warmly welcome you my blog, to share with you thought from passionate mind and share with you my creative writings. My inspiration in life varies, and can sometime be that thing you think is nothing I am a big dreamer! And sometime my dream seems too big for some minds; funny? but I know great minds are presume incredible. My dream and vision as a writer is to be......... the first Nigerian maybe African to win an Oscar for best script. WHAT DO I WRITE ABOUT? Love, life, family, death, spirituality, mystery and forms of creative writing. Like I always say: GIVE ME A SOMETHING; I will give to you a novel, script, poem even a play. Finally I am here to learn and grow Warm wishes Saphemerald